What to report?

The Global Fund believes that every dollar counts and has zero tolerance for fraud, corruption and waste that prevent resources from reaching the people who need them. The following are some examples of wrongdoing in Global Fund grants that you should report: stealing money or medicine, using Global Fund money or other assets for personal use, fake invoicing, staging of fake training events, counterfeiting drugs, irregularities in tender processes, bribery and kickbacks, abusing power or authority for personal gain, conflicts of interest, human rights violations by Global Fund grant recipients...

How can you contact the Office of the Inspector General?

All of the following channels are free and available for you to use

Online form

Secure confidential online reporting form

Report by phone

­­+1 704­ ­541 ­6918

Telephone Reporting Service

Service available in English, French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese and Arabic

Report by email


Email reporting service

Report by letter

Send mail to

I Speak Out Now,
Office of the Inspector General, Global Fund,
Chemin du Pommier 40
1218 Grand-Saconnex
Geneva, Switzerland

What information should you include?

Please give us as much information as possible, including:

What happened?

Names of the people involved

Where did the wrongdoing happen?

Why you think we should investigate?

When did this happen?

Any other relevant information

Is reporting safe?

Reporting to the Office of the Inspector General is secure and safe. We will keep your identity confidential. You can remain anonymous regardless of how you choose to report fraud or abuse.

Please note, however, that if we cannot contact you for further information or for clarification, it can sometimes make it difficult to investigate your report further.

If you wish to remain anonymous, you may use the online form. When you complete the online form you will receive a PIN number which will allow you to check for updates while at the same time allowing us to ask any follow-up questions. The online submissions are managed by an independent company, which does not turn over your personal information to the Office of the Inspector General.

If you do provide your personal details when making a report, we will not disclose them unless you give your explicit consent.

When should you report?

The earlier you report, the better. If a report is made early, it simply saves more lives as it can prevent small scale irregularities from escalating into major wrongdoing.

What happens after you make a report?

The Office of the Inspector General has a dedicated team of people to screen all reports. When we receive your information, we will reply to you within a week and then give you follow-up information within a month.

Your report will be carefully assessed to see if the Office of the Inspector General can investigate. We work closely with other partner agencies, civil society groups and national authorities when necessary.

If your report becomes an investigation, we will follow international investigation guidelines which include interviewing witnesses, collecting relevant documents and gathering other types of evidence. The investigation process will follow established timelines in line with the Office of the Inspector General’s Stakeholder Engagement Model for Investigations.

The I Speak Out Now ! campaign is an initiative of the Global Fund Office of the Inspector General. For more information visit our website.

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