OIG Publishes New Anti-Fraud Tool Kit for Implementers


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The Global Fund has zero tolerance for fraud, corruption or any wrongdoing in the programs that it finances. Wrongdoing that prevents resources from reaching the people who need them can seriously compromise your program objectives. However, if you identify and disrupt it early enough, you can help improve many lives through better grant impact.

The objective of this tool kit is to give you seven tools to better understand, identify, manage and respond to wrongdoing in your organization. For example, you can conduct a health-check of your anti-fraud mechanisms with the self-assessment tool; or you can personalize the enclosed poster to encourage your staff to report any wrongdoing to a designated contact; or, should wrongdoing take place, you can ensure you inform the right people at the appropriate time with the stakeholder engagement tool.

Available in English, French, Russian and Spanish in the resources section.

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